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Here at Sullins Academy, we consider it a privilege to partner with you in educating your daughters and sons. Sullins Academy provides remarkable opportunities for children.


My experience at Sullins Academy as the Head of School and also as a teacher, has demonstrated to me that this institution has the ability to help children achieve "the remarkable" and stems from a few inescapable attributes. 


We are a small school. Our size allows us to know and love every child and to challenge each child to reach their individual potential.


We are a school of incredible teachers. Our faculty and staff take a personal interest in each child’s academic, athletic, social and emotional growth and development.


We are a school of high academic standards. We prepare our students for the academic challenges of any high school that they may choose to attend.


We are a school that believes in the development of the whole child. Our philosophy acknowledges that it takes more than intellect to succeed in life.


We are a school that recognizes the world beyond ourselves. Our hope is that our students use their talents and their time to make the world a better place, and we emphasize that global perspective. 


For these reasons, Sullins Academy provides an unrivaled educational experience for children in preschool through eighth grade in the City of Bristol and the surroundings communities.


I have the distinct pleasure of seeing these attributes manifest themselves in ways both obvious and surprising at Sullins Academy every day. The evidence is varied and omnipresent, from the way our students greet one another in the morning to the fact that our teachers stay late into the evening to address the needs of their students. I feel confident that anyone who spends time on our campus will make the same realizations and will leave with an appreciation for all that a school can and should do for its students. 


Since 1966, Sullins Academy has educated young people throughout the Tri-Cities region of Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City, and other area communities, with a mindset that its graduates will serve communities all over the world. Sullins Academy embraces its identity unapologetically as a college prep school for all of our students.


I look forward to seeing you at Sullins Academy soon!


Best regards,

Roy Vermillion

Head of School

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