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Preschool - Kindergarten


Thanksgiving Feast

101 Dalmatian Parade for the 101st   Day of School

Book Buddies

Spanish Buddies

St. Jude Trike-a-Thon

Mothers’ Day Tea

Each day, our Primary School classrooms are filled with joyful and engaged learning where children’s natural curiosity and individual interests and talents can shine. Sullins students are encouraged to explore through active participation and interactive project-based learning. You will often find Preschoolers playing to learn or participating in an exciting science experiment, Junior Kindergarten students exploring numbers and letters, and Kindergarteners working with a partner for hands-on learning through centers and other meaningful activities.

As part of the PS-8 environment, the Sullins Academy Primary School students have a unique opportunity to explore new ideas and different subject areas. Weekly visits to the library, music, art, technology, Spanish, and P.E. offer additional areas for discovery, creativity, and excitement.


With classroom tools and activities tailored to meet the needs of young minds, we empower our students to develop self confidence and interact with their peers in a positive and meaningful way. This approach helps students successfully handle the complexities of society and reinforces social skills.

Primary School is the foundation of future learning, but we never forget that it is also a journey of wonder and excitement in which the whole child takes part.

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