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With a child-centered approach to teaching and learning, Sullins teachers take the time to understand what each individual child needs to grow, to be challenged, and to feel successful and respected. The result is an exciting classroom environment where children of varying talents, interests, and backgrounds are actively involved in their own educational experience. Students are guided in this process by exceptionally talented teachers who truly know them.


Sullins’ classrooms are filled with examples of students learning by doing. Students gain a better understanding of the learning process, genuine teamwork, and how to solve problems through projects and cross collaboration. It is rare to see students sitting quietly at desks, in rows, facing a teacher lecturing in the front of the room. Students are active learners working together on a complex project, while the teacher is engaged with the students in the classroom, guiding, questioning, encouraging, challenging, and inspiring new ways of thinking.


Another hallmark of teaching at Sullins is differentiated instruction. Fundamentally, this means giving every child what they need. It means finding the “sweet spot” of our curriculum delivery where a child is both challenged but not stressed, making mistakes and learning from them. It’s challenging students to push themselves. Of course, this sweet spot is different for every single child, therefore this kind of teaching is complex. It takes flexible thinking and possessing multiple strategies to unleash growth for different students. It means knowing the heart of the child.


This child-centered approach leads to great success in high school and beyond. Sullins graduates are prepared, demonstrate leadership, and are critical and creative thinkers. They are prepared for the challenges and opportunities they will face both in and outside the classroom.

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