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We believe choosing an elementary or middle school may be the most significant educational decision you face as a parent. These are formative years which lay the foundation for your child’s moral and academic development. We approach education as a partnership. It’s not about accepting individual children but their families as well. Upon a child’s enrollment, we look forward to partnering with their family until they graduate in eighth grade and keeping that connection well beyond graduation as an alum.


We’re confident in our process; the independent Preschool–8 model offers the best environment for supporting the emotional, developmental, and academic needs of our students. We have a long tradition of producing bright, well adjusted students with positive momentum into high school.


Finding the right fit for your child involves more than transcripts and test scores. We want to get to know your family, and you need to feel comfortable with what we’re all about.


I look forward to meeting and getting to know your family.

Roy Vermillion, Head of School

Admissions Events

Check back later for admissions events, or give us a call to schedule a tour!
Students travel from a 
45 mi.
radius to attend Sullins.
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