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WHY PS-8? 

Sullins Academy is a preschool through eighth grade school. Upon graduation, students seamlessly transition into a local high school or boarding school. We firmly believe in the distinct advantages a PS-8 school offers during the most critical years of a child’s intellectual, social, and emotional development. We provide a loving, nurturing, and supportive environment where children and young adolescents feel safe taking risks, exploring new activities, and challenging themselves to go further than they ever thought possible. At Sullins, we celebrate children and childhood, making it a wonderful place to grow up.

  • Sullins provides a comfortable and secure environment during the most significant period of development in a child’s life.

  • Children remain children longer without the challenges and pressures of high school.

  • Middle school students are school leaders and serve as age-appropriate mentors for younger students.

  • Parent participation in school activities is encouraged and remains strong all the way through, building a warm community focused on supporting each and every child.

  • As they figure out who they are and where they’re headed, children are supported in a nurturing environment where they can go outside their comfort zone and take risks.

  • 100% of resources serve students during the all-important elementary and middle school years.

  • As confidence escalates throughout the PS-8 journey at Sullins, students are prepared for the challenges of high school and beyond.  

  • Students and their parents can make informed decisions about the right match for high school.

  • At many PS-8 schools, especially Sullins, middle school is the culminating experience. It is a safe and enjoyable place where students are the leaders of the school setting the standard both academically and socially for the entire school.

There are a number of distinctive characteristics and offerings that blend together to create an ideal environment for children in grades PS-8 to develop into confident lifelong learners who have the academic, character, and leadership skills to succeed in high school and beyond. Sullins provides our students the support, encouragement, and skills to realize their potential.

Susan Ruble

Director of Admissions

Academic Support Coordinator

Research indicates that a child’s first experience with school sets the tone for their entire academic journey.  A preschool through eighth grade model allows students to develop problem solving skills, take academic risks, and discover their full potential in a secure and familiar environment.

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