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First Grade - Fifth Grade



Spelling Bee

Passport Program

Science Fair

Human Body Fair

IXL Learning

Education Beyond the Classroom

Reading Month

Christmas Community Outreach

Grades first through fifth are exciting years as students grow into fluent readers, confident mathematicians, and inquisitive scientists. At Sullins, we believe that young students should exercise every part of their brain and every educational muscle. That’s why we take every subject seriously, from the arts and STEM/STEAM fields to languages and physical education.


Our teachers do a great job of masking the rigor of the curriculum. They set high standards of achievement, and through differentiated instruction, they provide different routes, environments, resources, and pacing for each child. You may find first graders performing in Readers’ Theater or reading with a reading buddy, second graders playing individual, group, or whole math games, third graders working on interactive cross-curricular projects, fourth graders researching or reading about a topic of interest on an iPad, and fifth graders collaborating and sharing new ideas through participation in literature circles during genre novel studies.

The goal is for every child to feel successful, reach their potential, and to develop a life-long love of learning.

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