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Like other independent schools, Sullins Academy is governed by an independent, self-perpetuating Board of Directors.


As the governing body for the school, the Board of Directors has a number of key roles:

  • to determine the mission of the school and see that it is upheld

  • to determine the strategic direction of the school

  • to provide resources to accomplish the mission

  • to ensure the financial viability of the school

  • to hire, manage, and evaluate the Head of School


In essence, the Board of Directors is directly responsible for the oversight, strategic direction, business well-being, and liability management of the school. It is the Board of Director’s responsibility to re-evaluate the mission and the direction of the school to ensure that our purpose is relevant and to monitor the success of the school in fulfilling our mission.

The Board operates independently, having only one employee for which it is responsible – the Head of School. The Head of School reports directly to the Board of Directors. The Board supports the Head of School by allocating resources and providing feedback and support. The day-to-day activities and operations of the school are under the purview of the Head of School, with the Board of Directors acting only in an oversight role and playing no part in management of employees, business affairs, or instruction. The Board and the Head of School work in partnership with each other to establish both annual and long term goals for the school. This process is in accordance with best practices for independent schools throughout the nation.


The Sullins Board of Directors is comprised of a group of parents and community leaders who reflect the professional expertise and diverse perspective necessary to help uphold and further the mission and strategic objectives of the school. In addition, the Board has traditionally served as leader in giving to the school, with 100% participation in donations to the annual fund and to major events or scholarships.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Jeremy Spitzer - Chair

Zachary Lee - Vice Chair

Ramesh Murthy - Past Chair

Karin Olsen - Treasurer

Mark Hill - Secretary

At Large - Lisa White

Linda Brittle

Josh Busscher

Erin Hoffman

Will Johnson

Bryan Lawson

Alex Viers

Board Committees & Descriptions

The majority of the work of the Board of Directors is typically accomplished via committees. Membership on a committee provides the best stepping stone to becoming a board member. The following committees that report to the board often seek additional members with relevant expertise: 

Audit - Erin Ratliff, Chair
Building and Grounds - Mark Hill, Chair
Finance - Karin Olsen, Chair

Investments - Bryan Lawson, Chair

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