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Sullins Academy challenges each student academically in a nurturing community
grounded in the development of character, leadership, and service.  
In preparation for higher education, we motivate students to realize their potential
while encouraging a lifelong love of learning.


We believe that each child has an innate desire to learn and that a positive, developmentally appropriate environment serves as a catalyst for academic achievement.


We believe faculty and staff serve as role models for children and help develop self-esteem, individuality, integrity, and honesty in our students.


We believe students learn best when classrooms are colorful, fun, inviting, safe, and when respect is mutual among student, teacher, and parent.


We believe that quality instruction takes a student beyond the obvious, responds to individual needs, breeds curiosity, provides encouragement, and develops a love of learning.

We believe that learning how to learn is a top priority for our students and is best accomplished with a clear set of expectations, articulated study skills, quality materials, a nurturing faculty, and an abundance of positive reinforcement.


The strength in the independent education of Sullins Academy lies in the unfailing dedication and genuine, heartfelt commitment of the entire Sullins Community. The faculty, staff, and administration uphold our mission to purposefully develop both the mind and character of each student. Each child is treated as a unique individual with the special talents and skills apparent in and beyond the classroom.

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