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Sullins Academy is fortunate to have a large library that is well stocked with a diverse selection of books. An open, bright space and comfortable areas to read or complete homework, the library is a welcoming environment for all to gather. The rich and varied collection in our library fills the needs, abilities, and interests of each student by supplying resources for both recreational reading and research purposes. The use of online resources is an important part of the curriculum and supports students working on projects.


Our librarian offers guidance to students individually and in class, works consistently and diligently to encourage a love of literature with the goal of creating lifelong readers; ensures that students acquire information literacy, including age-appropriate research, library, and critical-thinking skills; stimulates intellectual curiosity, open minds, and a sense of wonder about the diversity of the world. Working closely with the Technology teacher, our librarian collaborates with teachers in all grade levels and subject areas to connect students with the best resources (print, digital, and emerging media) while developing strong research and information literacy skills.


Our Technology teacher supports the integration of information literacy, technology skills, and educational technology to enhance learning and innovation across the curriculum. In addition, she guides students in developing solid computational thinking skills by offering exciting learning opportunities such as Coding.


Sullins seeks to empower students to be ethical, independent, and innovative users of technology throughout their lives, and we are committed to the use of educational technology as a means of extending and enriching teaching and learning. A priority in Sullins’s technology program is teaching students how to find, decode, evaluate, and organize the vast amount of information available through what has become a global electronic library.

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