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Sullins Academy has been a pillar of academic excellence in our region for 50 years.  We are able to sustain our traditions and fulfill our mission because of generous contributions from numerous individuals.  Every dollar that we receive makes a difference to our students, every single day.


Philanthropy is a proud and integral part of our history.  Giving continues to play a vital role in Sullins’ success, and will be an important factor in building the future for our school.


Your support enables Sullins to continue to:

  • Hire and retain talented and dedicated teachers;

  • Provide innovative and individualized learning for our students;

  • Enrich each students’ experience through music, art, and performance opportunities to;

  • Ensure affordability for our community through tuition assistance;

  • Maintain our campus;

  • Plan for the future.

An investment in a Sullins student builds a stronger community and a brighter future. We hope you will consider making a contribution to Sullins Academy demonstrating that you believe in the importance of an independent school education.



Sullins is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization under the code of the Internal Revenue Service. Voluntary or philanthropic gifts to the school may be counted as charitable tax deductions. Sullins receives no financial support from local, state, or federal agencies. We are not affiliated with any church or religious organization.

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