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Education is your best investment.


We understand that planning for and investing in an independent school education requires a significant commitment from our families. When developing the operating budget each year, our Board of Directors and Administration make affordability a top priority when setting tuition rates and creating a balanced budget in alignment with the school’s mission, educational objectives, ongoing strategic plans, immediate goals, and values.


  • We believe that Sullins is worthy of generous financial support, and we count on philanthropic support in order to thrive in delivering on our mission.

  • We believe that Sullins should manage tuition to be as affordable as possible for families while also recognizing that an extraordinary learning experience can be very costly.

  • Sullins is committed to developing a prudent and obtainable balanced budget.

Financial Aid 


Sullins Academy recognizes the value of an independent school education and strives to make its unique and excellent program available to the widest range of students. We are committed to accepting students for admission from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and have a percentage of our budget that is used exclusively for financial aid. For the 2022-23 school year, 17% of our students received financial aid, and the average award was currently $3,350.

While we attempt to meet a percentage of need, no child receives a full tuition.


Need-based financial aid is awarded annually to assist qualifying students accepted for admission, and renewal is not automatic or guaranteed as funds may vary and the family’s finances may change. Therefore, families are required to submit applications annually through the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) online application. Many factors determine whether or not a family will qualify for need-based aid. Factors such as household income and expenses, assets and debt, and the number of children in a school that requires tuition are all considerations in determining financial aid awards. Priority is given to current families who either are receiving aid or now have a need.

All information is held in the strictest confidence.

Scholarships and financial aid are strongly supported through the generosity of individual and corporate donors.  

Tuition & Fees

Tuition Schedule | 2024-25



3 day - half day            $3,570

3 day - full day             $4,060

5 day - half day            $4,760

5 day - full day             $5,950


Junior Kindergarten

5 day - half day            $4,760

5 day - full day             $5,950

Kindergarten                $7,030

Grades 1 - 5                 $8,110

Grades 6 - 8                 $8,650

5% discount for second child

(oldest child considered first)

10% discount for additional siblings

(oldest child(ren) considered first)

Flexible Payment Options

Payment schedules for tuition and fees are flexible to meet your family's needs.

There are three standard plans (one, three payments, or ten payments).

Tuition and fee payments are made through FACTS Tuition Management.


Application Fee                      $85

Online Enrollment Fee            $50


Educational Tools Fee

Grades Preschool - 5             $375

Grades 6 - 8                           $475

Technology Fee

Grades 1 - 4                            $150

Grades 5 - 8                            $250

Activity/Field Trip Fee

Grades Preschool - 4             $50

Grades 5 - 8                           $100

Milk (Optional)                        $90

Friday Ice Cream (Optional)   $20

SOAR (Afterschool Care)        $70/wk or $9/hr

School Lunches                      Varies

Spring School Trips                 Varies

Athletic Fee                             

Grades 1 - 4                            $40

Grades 5 - 8                            $75


Tuition Refund Insurance Plan:

1.7% of total tuition


Sullins uses School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS) to determine financial aid awards and to collect documentation.

In addition to submitting an application, families must provide copies of the indicated tax returns and supporting schedules and

W-2s by the indicated deadlines.

To begin your aid application, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the SSS website at, and click on “Complete Your PFS.”

2. Login to the PFS Online.

Click on “Create an Account.” You’ll be asked to enter your name and email address and to select security questions and create a password.

3. Begin a PFS for the Academic Year.

Download the PFS Online Workbook, and refer to on-screen help for guidance along the way. You can log out of the PFS Online at any time – then return later to complete your PFS.

4. Pay for and submit your PFS.

After you have pressed submit, you’ll be brought to a payment screen. The application fee is nonrefundable.

Once your PFS is submitted, it cannot be withdrawn from the SSS system.

Key information you need to know about our school as you complete the PFS:

Our school’s full name: Sullins Academy


Our school’s code: 7560

Contact information: Twana Meade, Business Manager (276) 669-4101

New applicant deadline will be determined by Admissions Office.

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