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Volunteers are essential to the ongoing health and vitality of our school. Faculty, staff, and parents make up a team working together for the good of our students.


Volunteering is an opportunity for parents and community:

  • to gain a greater understanding of the school

  • to give the faculty and staff more time to devote to the students

  • to show a commitment and interest in the education of children


There are many ways to volunteer at Sullins:

  • Find out what the school needs during the school day and offer to help.  The school frequently needs help with driving students on day trips or setting out snacks for exams and other events.

  • Ask our Development team about events outside of school.  You could host a grade level gathering at your home, or help with the annual golf tournament or BBQ & Auction.

  • Offer your knowledge and expertise in coaching, decorating, insurance, technology, carpentry, or legal matters.  Join one of our Board Committees. There is no end to the ways you could make a difference.

  • Support the PTO.  Attend meetings and join the conversation.


An independent school like Sullins Academy relies on volunteers, especially parents.  Parent participation, financial and otherwise, is a primary measure of our school’s success.  Every contribution makes a difference.

Sullins is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization under the code of the Internal Revenue Service. Voluntary or philanthropic gifts to the school may be counted as charitable tax deductions. Sullins receives no financial support from local, state, or federal agencies. We are not affiliated with any church or religious organization.

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