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Every student at Sullins is an artist and their work is celebrated throughout the school with displays in the classrooms, hallways, and offices. We strive to educate an artistically competent, adventuresome, and confident student, who is generally comfortable thinking outside the box in all areas of study.

The program very intentionally nurtures the critical and creative-thinking skills that enhance learning in all subject areas. Beginning in Kindergarten, students attend art class twice per week. As part of our cross-curricular teaching, art is woven into many projects and is often the way in which students communicate and present their ideas about a subject.

The annual Art Purchase Award, a long-standing Sullins' tradition, recognizes one students' piece of art which is chosen to be framed and hung permanently in the school's halls.


The preschool and junior kindergarten curriculum is designed to promote a positive self-image, sensory awareness, growing independence, and an eagerness to learn.  Students will spend time learning the basic principles and materials used in different art making processes. Students will focus on primary colors and what happens when mixing colors.



​Kindergarten and first grade students will begin to learn about the elements of art: lines, shapes, colors, space, value, form, and texture.  They will discover secondary and neutral colors and how to use them in creating art.  Students will begin to use patterns.  



​Second and third grade students will build on their knowledge of the elements of art: lines, shapes, colors, space, value, form, and texture.  Students will begin to learn a vocabulary of art terminology. They will discover intermediate colors and how to use them in creating art. Students will begin to discover positive and negative space and types of balance.


​Fourth and fifth grade students will continue to build their vocabulary of art terminology. Students will begin to learn about different artists, art history periods, movements, and styles. They will discover how to create color schemes and use them when creating artwork. Students will learn how to use proportion and experiment with drawing 3-D forms.


During the middle school years, students will develop their Studio Habits of Mind and will demonstrate how to use the tools, materials, and techniques of various media to make intentional choices in original art.  Students will use size, placement, and overlapping to create depth and will experiment with tints and shades to create intensity.


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