Mrs. Patricia Collins, First Grade Teacher

B.S. Elementary Education, East Tennessee State University


Mrs. Collins has over 20 years of teaching experience, with six of those at Sullins. Her hobbies include painting furniture, antiques, shopping, and spending time with family.


“I teach because I love books, reading, and learning. I love seeing children become excited about books and reading. I teach at Sullins because I enjoy the strong family atmosphere, the emphasis on kindness and caring, and the encouraging learning environment. It’s a fun place to teach.”

Mrs. Susan Welker, First Grade Teacher

B.S. Elementary Education, University of Central Florida


Mrs. Welker has 20+ years of teaching experience, with 24 of those being at Sullins Academy. Her hobbies include spending time with family and friends, hiking, games, reading, watching movies, and cooking.


“I love teaching first graders because they are so curious and exited about learning! I’m passionate about helping them to be confident readers and good citizens. Teaching at Sullins Academy allows me to be creative in how I deliver my lessons." 

Mrs. Sara Kennedy, Second Grade Teacher


Mrs. Amy Todd, Second Grade Teacher

B.S. Elementary Education, East Tennessee State University


Mrs. Todd has 21 years of teaching experience with five of those years being at Sullins. She is married to her husband of 25 years, Eric, and has two children Erica, (23) and Eli (19). She enjoys reading, watching Tennessee football, spending time with her family, and loving on her dog June.


“Loving children is what I do best! Watching the students grow academically and seeing their excitement for learning makes my job so worthwhile. The funny stories are just an added bonus!”

Mrs. Leanne Dellorso, Third Grade Teacher

B.F.A. Graphic Design, The University of Memphis
M.Ed. King University

One of the newest additions to Sullins Academy, Mrs. Dellorso brings a love of adventure and exploration to the classroom. She isn’t afraid to try new and exciting ways to reach her students' highest academic abilities, and you never know what to expect in her lessons. Mrs. Dellorso is married to her husband, Austin, of seven years. They have 4 fur babies, Midas Whale, Widdle, Barkley, and Mr. Waffles (3rd Grade's class guinea pig).

“No one is perfect, that is why pencils have erasers."

Mrs. Amanda Williamson, Fifth through Eighth Grade Math Teacher

B.A. Psychology, King University


Mrs. Williamson has three years of teaching experience, with two of them at Sullins Academy. Mrs. Williamson and her husband, Ryan, enjoy being active with their two children. Running, hiking, and swimming are some of their favorite activities.


“That moment when you see all the dots finally connect reminds me why I love to teach. The look in students' eyes when that moment happens is inspiring. Education can change the world, and to know that we have the future sitting at a desk listening, observing, thinking, and learning is a phenomenal privilege and opportunity.”

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